Thong Yib (Pinched Gold Egg Yolks)

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Thong Yib (Pinched Gold Egg Yolks)

Thong Yib is an ancient Thai dessert served in auspicious ceremonies. It is in popular family of desserts consisting of "Thong" (meaning "Gold") in all of the manes. Thong-yib, Thong-yod, Foy-thong, all mean to wish everyone with gold; much money and treasure, and to spend forever.

20 duck egg yolks
10 measuring cups castor sugar
6 measuring cups fresh water
10 pandanus leaves

Methods of Thick Syrup
1. Mix sugar and eggshell. Add water and pandanus leaves. Bring to stir over medium heat.
2. When boiling, spoon the bubble. Strain through muslin. Then reduce to lower heat.

Methods of Light Syrup
Follow the methods for thick syrup but the ingredient of sugar and water will be 1:1

Preparation of Eggs
1. Separate the yolks and squeeze through muslin.
2. Beat with blender for 5 minutes until the yolks become bubble and thick. When drop, the yolks are unflatted.
3. Simmer syrup over lower heat until it is still.
4. Make the yolks into dollop of batters of 1 1/2 inch diameter and drop into the pan.
5. Increase heat. Cook the batter both sides. Add little water until the batter is done.
6. Lower the heat. Ladle and soak in light syrup.
7. Pinch the batter to have 5, 6, and 8 as you want and place in a small round ceramic cup.

Good characteristics
1. Good smell, not stench.
2. The batter should be fluffy, soft, and sticky.