Thai Dessert in Thai style Source

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Thai Dessert in Thai style Source: Office of the National Culture Commission
Thai dessert has binding for the life of Thai people many years ago and became important ever since until at present. Thai dessert cannot be neglected for daily life of Thai people. Although selling Thai desserts are not widely seen like before still Thai knows to make their own sweets. Apart from the life of Thailand people are mostly agriculturist, sub-urban people having varieties of natural product such as coconut, palm planted in their own land, varieties of fruits such as banana, sugarcane, mango including rice, sticky rice, shredded rice grain, popped rice, etc. It wanted to use coconut milk then get their own coconut, grind to get milk out of it, if wanted to have flour, rice is also a flour because they plant their own rice, grind by mill or stone mill can seen at any houses. By grinding the rice then later they will have the flour making a delicious sweet in the family. If they make a lot they will distribute it to neighbors to taste delectably.
"Thai desserts never died" or as long Thai culture still existed Thai desserts still existed like ever before.
Khanom krok and banana sweet seems to be the best. Because of its ingredients which easy to find, and making is easy. The oven for khanom krok is sold since Ayudya period. For banana and coconut are widely eaten if not otherwise will throw the left over and it's wasting…
Khanom num is another dessert, people like to eat, easy to do and the most famous to be eaten are kaeng buad such as pakthong buad (squash buad) kluay buatchi next with khanom num. It also preserve as food longer like khanom syrup and khanom kuan including the preserve fruits and fruits preserve in sugar.

There are varieties of deserts has been sold when later the market had been established. The method in selling is to sell in one place, basket, carry wide basket and carry on the shoulder like hawker. Thai people have more lot of chooses because there are varieties of desserts to eat. The sellers have to develop their skill in making tasty desserts better to make their dessert wanted by customers.

There are several famous markets for Thai desserts; from the beginning only few owners in its place make Thai dessert. But the numbers are increasing until the place becomes the famous place for Thai dessert. The famous place for Thai desserts is Muang Petchburi, Thai dessert Village is Nonthaburi Province, Nongmun market of Cholburi Province etc. Apart from this you can see Thai dessert market throughout the country, you can see that Thai desserts are widely sold throughout and sell by hawker.

Most of Thai people consume dessert are from the rural area. But don't say that people in the city will not eat. Because apart from bread such as doughnut, cake, cookie, pudding, waffles, custard, pie etc. Thai desserts like Thong Yib, Thong Yod, Foi Thong, Khanom Chan, Khanom Buang, Khanom Numdokmai, Thong Muan are also famous eaten by several people

.………………in brief Thai dessert has influence against the tradition of eating for Thai people just like no one could resist. However although later the dessert from Western country have influence with Thai people. That some of Thai desserts are vanished from being famous in Thai society. But still numbers of Thai desserts with colorful, tasty, aromatic in Thai culture. Therefore it is not strange or eating as so called internationally "Thai desserts never died" or as long Thai culture still existed Thai desserts still existed like ever before.