Useful Tips: Good Definition of Thai Dessert

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Useful Tips: Good Definition of Thai Dessert
Source: Office of the National Culture Commission

Thai dessert have sweet taste and aromatic smell from candle stick in beautiful shape cause by meticulously done, create that makes the food beautiful, nice to be eaten and good to be presented as gift from Thai dessert at different occasion. Most of the desserts are meaningful, that makes the giver and receiver have good deeds with good meaning as follows:

Promotion of Rank

Khanom Ja Mongkot to appreciate by giving this dessert with the word “ja” means chief and the word “ mongkot (crown) means the king or the highest people. Therefore Ja Mongkot means the highest chief the highest meaning plus making this kind of dessert is rather difficult using articulates technique, ja mongkot will be given only to the people of highly influential.
-Kanom-Chan …..means highly progress
-Khanom tuay fo ..means progress and development
-Khanom thong ek means one forever life
-Khanom tong plu ..means progress, well-known like thunder
-Khanom luk chup …means lovely, anyone will love, most good for mature to young people
-Khanom maprao kaew or glutinous glass means the precious glass
-Khanom sanechan means with charm like the full moon
-Khanom tan means to have a sweet and smooth life