Ray Rai (Rice Thread with Coconut Meat)

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Ray Rai (Rice Thread with Coconut Meat)

Khanom Ray Rai is a beautiful Thai dessert. It is always mentioned about its eye catchy aspect both in normal conversation and in writing.

300 g. dried rice flour
30 g. tubular flour
50 g. singapore flour
375 g. coconut cream
500 g. fresh flower scented water
200 g. sugar
375 g. thick coconut cream (to make topping)
240 g. steamed grated coconut meat
3 g. salt
135 g. black white cooked sesame seeds
3 – 4 g. banana leaves

1. Mix rice flour, tubular flour, and coconut cream together. Knead the mixture for 10 minutes. Then add the rest of coconut cream and jasmine scented water. Put the mixture into the pan. Stir till the mixture dries and no longer stick to pan. Leave to warm.
2. Knead the mixture till soft. Roll the mixture to be 10 inches long, and 1 inch wide. Cut the rolled mixture into 1 inch pieces.
3. Sprinkle cassava flour onto the mold. Put and press the prepared mixture in Step 2 in the mold. The pressed flour will be round, line like a piece of hay in bird’s nest.
4. Put banana leaves onto the steamer. Grease the leaves with coconut cream. Put the prepared mixture in Step.3 into the steamer. Steam for 4 – 5 minutes. Remove from heat.Leave to cool.
5. Serve with cooked grated coconut meat mixed with coconut cream and salt.

1. The most important step of making Khanom Ray Rai is preparing the flour.
- Knead the flour with the palm till soft.
- Stir the flour in one direction only.
- Use cassava flour as needed. If uses it too much, the flour will be too wet when steam.
2. After the water boils, steam the dessert for another 3 – 4 minutes only. If longer, the dessert will be too wet, and flat.
3. To serve:
- Sprinkle grated coconut meat on the dish first.
- Place the dessert on the coconut.
- Separate coconut cream, sesame seeds, and sugar. When it is ready to eat, sprinkle sugar, sesame seeds, and coconut cream on the dessert consequently.
- The dessert should be shiny, sticky, and soft.

Makes:15 persons (60 g. each)