Med Khanoon (Jackfruit's seed in syrup)

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Med Khanoon (Jackfruit's seed in syrup)

Med Khanoon (Jackfruit's seed in syrup) is an ancient and well-known Thai dessert which is served to monks in ritual ceremonies or general ceremonies. In those days, jackfruit's seed was used as the main ingredient when making Med Khanoon. It was cooked and grounded. Stir and form to resemble jackfruit's seed. Therefore, it was called Med Khanoon. In these days, taro, breadfruit, and mungbean are used instead.

Ingredients for Sweetened Mungbean Paste
1 kg. steamed shelled mungbean
1 kg. grated coconut meat (squeeze with 2 measuring cups of water)
850 g. castor sugar 10 pandanus leaves

1. Soak shelled mungbean in water for 3 hours.
2. Steam for 50 minutes.
3. Mix cooked mungbean with coconut milk. Pound well.
4. Stir over medium heat in the brass pan for 10 minutes. Add sugar and continuously stir until mungbean is peeled off for 50 minutes. Leave to cool.
5. Form the mixture to resemble jackfruit's seed. Leave to dry.

Ingredients of Syrup/Eggs
2 kg. castor sugar
6 measuring cups fresh water
10 pandanus leaves
20 duck eggs

1. Mix sugar and eggshell. Add water and pandanus leaves. Bring to stir over medium heat.
2. When boiling, spoon the bubble away. Continuously stir until syrup is clear.
3. Strain through muslin. Boil over low heat.

Methods of making Egg Dip
1. Separate the yolks from the white eggs. Put the yolks in muslin.
2. Squeeze the yolks through muslin.

1. Lower the heat. Leave the syrup at the middle of the pan boil.
2. Dip jackfruit's seed in the yolks and drop into syrup. Increase the heat and add little boiled water.
3. Lower the heat and ladle.