Foy Thong (Gold Egg Yolks Thread)

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Foy Thong (Gold Egg Yolks Thread)

Foy Thong (Gold Egg Yolks Thread) is an ancient Thai dessert, which is served in auspicious ceremonies and was brought by Lady Witchayen in the period of King Narai. It is in popular group of desserts consisting of "Thong" (meaning "Gold"). Its name means treasure and its long thread means long life. Foreigners name it "golden hair". Therefore, when used in ceremonies, Foy Thong is not cut.


30 duck egg yolks
5 tsp. egg dew

Ingredients of making Syrup
10 measuring cups castor sugar
6 measuring cups fresh water

Methods of making Syrup
1. Mix sugar and eggshell. Add water and pandanus leaves. Stir over medium heat.
2. When boiling, spoon the bubble away. Strain through muslin. Boil over low heat.

Methods of mixing Eggs.
1. Beat the egg. Separate the yolks and put in muslin. The light egg white (egg dew) remains in the eggshells.
2. Strain the yolks through muslin. Mix slightly with the egg dew.

Methods of making Skein
1. Flow the mixture through a small hole of a cone above a vessel of bubbling heavy syrup. When cooked add little boiled water.
2. Lower heat. Skein is waved gently with a stick through the syrup to give it a glossy, silky look. Repeat the process.