Iced Condensed Milk (Num Yen)

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This drink is made in Thailand using 'Hellbruboy' (a contraction of it's full name 'Hale's Blue Boy' Brand Syrup) a brand name sticky sweet red syrup drink that is added to hot water to make a hot drink. It can be bought in Thai supermarkets, look for the Thai name เฮลซ์บลูบอย. You can substitute strawberry milk shake syrup, it has a similar look but a different taste, sorry there really is no suitable substitute.
2 Tablespoons Sweet Red Syrup Thai drink
2 Tablespoons Milk
1 Teaspoon Condensed Milk
2 Tablespoons Sugar
150 ml Water
100 gms Crushed Ice

1. Boil the water
2. Add the HellbruBoy, milk and sugar into a cup, add the boiling water and mix with spoon.
3. Leave the 'brew' to cool.
4. Put the crushed ice into a serving glass, pour in the 'brew' and pour the condensed milk over the top.
5. Serve immediately.