Lemon Soda ( Num Ma Now )

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I was shocked when I first visited Europe and when I asked for a lemon soda, I was given a fizzy clear sickly sweet drink that had never been near a lemon. That was my first brush with bottle lemonade (yuck). Here's how I make lemon soda in Thailand. If you've never made fresh lemonade, you may be suprised at the taste, just as I was suprised at the taste of supermarket bottled lemonade! Imagine a lazy summer day by the pool sipping lemonade when you drink it.

Ingredients for Family
3 Lemons
500 ml Soda Water (Fizzy Mineral Water)
200 ml Water
150 gms Sugar
200 gms Ice

1. Boil the water with sugar until it has completely dissolved, then leave it to cool. This is your sweetening syrup.
2. Squeeze the lemons to get juice.
3. Then mix the syrup with lemon juice, soda-water and stir it together. Add the syrup slowly to adjust the sweetness to your own tastes.
4. Put ice it to the glass and pour the lemon soda over it, its nice to present with slices of lemon and orange in it.