Cha Mong Kood

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Cha Mong Kood(Egg Yolks Dumpling in Wheat Flour Crown)

Cha Mong Kood is a royal Thai dessert,served to the King. It is a rare Thai dessert because of its complicated methods of making.

(1) Watermelon seeds: thorn shaped
1 cup red skinless watermelon seed
1 cup sugar
1 cup jasmine scented water

1. Mix sugar and jasmine scented water together. Heat to boiling. Remove from heat.
2. Stir fry watermelon seeds over low heat. Put finger into prepared syrup, then nib watermelon seeds with the finger till the syrup dries. Wipe the pan with wet clothes. Rub till the seeds become thorn, which takes about 5 – 6 hours. Store the seeds in closed container.

2) flour cup
1 cup wheat flour
2 egg yolks1 egg

1. Mix flour with eggs. Knead till soft. Spread the flour into thin sheets, then cut the rim to make 2 inches diameter round sheet.
2. Put the flour into a small cup, press slightly to form the flour to be a cup. Remove from the cup with fork. Bake and set aside