Legendary Thai Desserts

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Legendary Thai Desserts : Source: Office of the National Culture Commission ......... “Kaonom” Chaonom” “Khaonom” derived from the word “ Kanom” (Dessert) called by several people since the beginning, referred by several home economics that these word come from the word “Kaonom.” Because the main important ingredients of desserts are rice and milk. It should never be the origin since milk is not important for Thai desserts. Thai desserts used coconut or coconut milk. Her Royal Highness Jarut Porn Patiyan had presumed that “Nom” had differing with the word “Kaonom.” Because “Nom” means sweet but the real definition of “Nom” did not appeared in Thai dictionary, only stating that in the North “Kanom” means sweets. However the definition of the word “Nom” being the golden word aside from the hearsay. In the dictionary another very interesting words is “Num” may derived from Khmer word as “Nom” means food made from flour. When come for consideration it was found that kanom is made from flour with combination of sugar and coconut milk.

May derived the word “Kanom” deferring from the word “nom” of Khmer language. Although desssert originated from any language or what defined as sweets had the important role in Thai society. Thais are proud to have these Thai desserts. Which Thai itself known that the country like to consume sweets. The oldest way expressing the relationship between Thai desserts and Thai inherited the literature of Sukhothai about His Majesty Prajadhipok referring the boiled glutinous rice as another Thai dessert. Thai desserts started to spread during ancient Ayutthaya period appeared in several letter.Another letters stated “Yan Pao Kanom” or Talad Kanom, some referring “Ban Moh” of carving pot that included the pot, kanom buang, oven and shape of kanom krok. Referring that Kanom Krok and kanom buang had widely spread out by carving pot and frying pan to be sold. Some stating about kanom chamod, kanom kong kawian or kanom kong, kanom krok, kanom buan, kanom lodchong. Until the period of His Majesty the King Narai Maharat renowned as the golden era of Thai desserts as seen in the letter from ancient foreigner, which recorded the making of dessert at that time of His Majesty Phra Narai the King period was very prosperous. Especially when the Portuquese like Thanying Visayin or sacred like “Tao Thong and House, the one who originated the dessets of sweets in the palace. Had teaches the servant in the palace to make various kind of sweets. Especially to introduce the used of eggs yolk and egg white as main ingredients that Portuguese. The sweets made by Tao Thong and Ma which is famous until these day are: Thong yod or gold drop, Foi thong or gold fibre, Moh Kaeng and Kanom Thong Prong, kanom tongplu, kanom sampan, kanom kai dao etc.

That lasted to Ratanagosin era. The letter was the remembrance of Krum, the Luang Narintorn Tawee, His Majesty of the Great, His Majesty Yodfa Chulalolok referring that during the celebration of Emerald Buddha and commemoration of Phra Sri Rataasasdaram temple. The offering for 2000 monks consist with sai kai, kanom foi, khaoniao kaew, kanom ping, kluay chab, latiang, rum, custard, foi thong or gold fibre and kanom talai. In the picture of hall of klong boat row are the Kao wan, the literary work of His Majesty Loetla Nabhalai had visited the Thai dessert in various kind such as glutunious custard, kanom lum jiak, Thong yip or pinched gold, Thong yod or gold drop, kanom ping, kanom rangrai, kanom chom muang, kanom Bua Loi or balls in coconut cream etc. During the dynasty of King Chulalongkorn the spreading of printing of recipe and making Thai desserts is one of the receipt of Thai. Therefore it was known that Thai dessert and Thai tradition stated to be recorded in written significantly. Mae Krua Hua Pak was the first Thai recipe book during Rama V Dynasty, composed by Than Puying Plian Pasakornwong. This first Thai recipe book contained the food offering for monk consist with thong yib or Foi thong or, kanom mookaeng, kanom hantrad, kanom tuay poh, glutinious crystal or kawniao kaew, kanom lum kluen, maprang jelly fruit etc. Elaborating that Thai used these meaningful desserts offering for merits making. That can seen at present since Ayuthaya period.