Leum Kleun (Stir Fried Mung Bean Flour)

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Leum Kleun (Stir Fried Mung Bean Flour)

Khanom Leum Kleun is made from mung bean flour, coconut cream, and sugar. There are 2 parts of the dessert: body and topping. After putting the dessert into the cups, sprinkle with fried and crispy green peas. The dessert is soft, smooth, and very easy to swallow.

Ingredients of the topping
3/4 cup rice flour
2 1/2 tsp. salt
2 cups thick coconut cream
1 cup thin coconut cream
some fried green peas

1. Mix well flour, water, food coloring.
2. Heat the pan. Pour the mixture in Step. 1 into the pan. Stir over high heat till the mixture is thick and clear. Add sugar. Stir till the mixture is thick and clear. Remove from heat.
3. Drop the mixture into plastic cups at the level 3/4 of the cup.
4. Mix rice flour, salt and coconut cream together. Pour the mixture into the pan.
5. Heat the pan. Stir the mixture till thick. Drop the mixture onto the body in Step 3.
6. Sprinkle with fried green peas.

1. The body of the dessert is dried easily. So drop it into the cups as quickly as possible otherwise the dessert is not smooth.
2. The topping should be added onto the body while it is still warm, or the two parts are apart from each other.Desired characteristics of the dessert:The body should be clear with light colour. The topping should be smooth

Makes:200 cups