Useful Tips: Scented candle, Scented Thai dessert

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Useful Tips: Scented candle, Scented Thai dessert

…….Thai dessert is one that symbolizes Thai nation with people that preserve and inherits the culture-tradition in making not to be cut off although the numbers are not much or for dessert difficult to make need to use highly articulate which is difficult to find for a person to inherits this making of Thai desserts. In addition to its delicious taste and beautiful shape like Thai sweets make by skilled meticulously maker. It also has an aromatic smell that urge people to taste. Therefore it can be referred as charm of these Thai desserts is the fragrant smell.

One of aromatic smell as symbolizes because Thai dessert is scented candle. Most of new generation may never see how look like is the scented candle, later they will know after they eaten or some maybe don’t know that the smell they say is fragrant is the smell of scented candle. So they eat deliciously that sweet taste without knowing the origin of that dessert by using scented candle. Nobody has recorded during the ancient time in written of what period did the Thai dessert originated, only knows that it is a long time ago using the Thai scented dessert, is the major such as Luk Chob, when after churn peanut it will scented before made into shape.

Making baked toddy palm sugar like ancient time is when the drop of toddy palm is in shape of the pot. Place the sweet by dozen to baked with scented candle etc. apart from the ancient days using scented candle for baking to have an aromatic smell. It also use for scented flour of Dok Sarapee too use for bathing. The dessert under the process of scented candle are in different kinds such as Lum Panne, Thong Ek, Klip Lumduan, Pui Pai, Somnas, Khao Du etc. like coconut milk spread around, Lud Chong, musk melon etc. all were under the process of scented candle.

Making Wax Roll

The procedure in making wax so far called as wax roll. Wax roll is the important skill for ancient Thai women, of course the procedure are different according to it period. During the old days they use beehive churn with wooden paddle in silver pan then filter to take only the wax in yellow liquid. Then spread with benzoin on the wax. Stir to mix together then leave on the sun to make it dry, make into sheet, put on the center. Then dig the candle in shape of millipede. Presently making scented candle still using wax from the northern part of Thailand. When after filling the wax mix it with paraffin or little artificial wax to avoid not to much liquid. At present the shape of scented candle is not millipede, just to bend into curve facing each other. The aromatic substance use to stir together with that wax, apart from benzoin several of Thai scented substance are use such as red granulated sugar, grinded chalot peel, pimsen, peel of kaffir finely slice, sandal oil etc. Baking candle dessert is mild in a technique of meticulously done. This technique is widely inherited since the ancient times. Ancient people will place the scented candle on the dish clay or small earthen cup. However these days it is place on small aluminum basin or maybe small silver cup.

Saturated candle started by putting fire on the scented candle place between the desserts on the bottle. When fire reach to the wax then put off the fire lift only the smoke. Then immediately open the bottle cap, leave for one night to have an aromatic, smooth Thai dessert. The basic procedure of baking candle should do carefully to avoid it black around the candle or will pull down or pull on the dessert. Therefore it necessary to baked the candle for the next time, it should advisable to especially aware about this matter. Because the candle used for the first time will have a number of black ashes stick on it. Firstly take it out, it is better to do it to avoid sorry at the end. That the sweet scented dessert will totally dirty.

The different scent all are supplementary that make Thai dessert have a sweet smell. Some kinds of dessert may use other smell instead of scented candle having the same procedure. Baking sweet using flower and scented candle leave for one night, you will have a fragrant scented candle and fragrant flower at the same time.

Baking dessert by Rose

Rose use for baking should be the only kind of pink Mon rose. As can seen along the market selling plants. That at present pink Mon rose is merely seen and it have an expensive price. Therefore Thai dessert saturated with ranjuan of pink Mon rose is rare to find. Baking dessert with rose can do by picking up its leave of rose. Be careful in picking up to avoid the flower damages then spread into the dessert. Then close the seal and leave one night, of course you can assured than if rose flower use for baking is the real pink Mon rose flower.

Baking with Kradangga flower (vine plant with fragrant flower)

It needs to expose kradangga flower on the fire of scented candle. Allowing the petal of the flower will rotten first. Then press the flower to scattered together, the smell will come out strongly. After the basic step then prepare the kradangga flower then put on the dessert to bake. Tightly close the seal leave for a night, putting fire on the kradangga flower is the source of slogan "kradangga lon fai (kradangga fall on fire).