Khao Niew Kaew (Glossy Glutinous Rice)

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Khao Niew Kaew (Glossy Glutinous Rice)

Khao Niew Kaew is made from glutinous rice. coconut cream, and sugar. It can be scented by adding pandanus leaves. Khao Niew Kaew is served to the monks in various festivals such as kao Pan Sa and AoK Pan Sa. Khao Niew Kaew was one of the ten desserts served in the celebration of Phra Si Rattanasartsadaram Temple in 1809 during King Rama I period.

1,500 g. glutinous rice
1,000 g. sugar
8 cups grated coconut meat
10 pandanus leaves
2 – 3 tbsp. concentrated pandanus leaves water
1 tbsp. salt (to mix in the water while washing rice)

1. Wash the rice slightly 3 times. Mix salt in the water while washing. Then soak for 3 hours.
2. Steam the rice for 50 minutes.
3. Mix sugar, coconut cream, and pandanus leaves together. Boil until the mixture is thick.
4. Add the rice into the mixture in Step 3. Stir and add pandanus leaves water to make colour. When the mixture is well done (sticky and clear), put and press the cooked mixture into the tray. Leave to cool. Caut into pieces.

Use medium heat first. When the mixture is thicker, lower the heat.

1 tray (12 x 12 inches)