Wun Sungkaya (Jelly with Sungkaya Topping)

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Wun Sungkaya (Jelly with Sungkaya Topping)

Jelly with Sungkaya Topping is like coconut cream Jelly. The difference is that eggs and palm sugar are added in the former dessert. Eggs and palm sugar give brown colour and some more nutritive value. ิ

1 pack (50gram) agar-agar powder
16 cups water
8 cups sugar
20 pandanus leaves

1. Mix the agar-agar and water. Bring to boil until the agar-agar dissolves. Add sugar and pandanus leaves. Boil for a while. Remove from heat and strain. Set 2 cups of the mixture aside. 2. Boil the strained mixture again. Add topping. Stir well. Pour into the molds. Leave to cool.
Ingredients of topping
2 kg. (to make 5 cups coconut cream) shredded coconut meat
2 eggs
1 cup palm sugar
1 tbsp. salt
Mix coconut cream, sugar, eggs and salt together. Pour into the mixture in Step. 1. Stir well and strain through muslin.