Wun Ka – ti(Jelly with Coconut Cream Topping)

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Wun Ka – ti(Jelly with Coconut Cream Topping)

Jelly with Coconut Cream Topping is an easy to make Thai dessert. It can be served in all occasions for everybody and can be adjusted into various tastes and colours such as Coconut CreamTopping, Jelly with Pandanus leaf-scented, Fruit Jelly and Coffee Jelly.

1 pack (50 grams.) agar-agar Powder
16 cups water
9 cups sugar
1/4 cup concentrate pandanus leaves
2 kg. (to make 5 cups coconut cream) grated coconut meat 1 tbsp. salt 20 pandanus leaves
1 tbsp. rice flour

Methods for making jelly
1. Mix agar-agar and water. Bring to boil until the agar-agar dissolves. Add sugar and 10 pandanus leaves. Boil for another 5 minutes. Strain and set aside.
2. Mix 8 cups of the mixture in step.1 with the topping. Bring to boil. Set aside.
3. Boil the rest of the mixture. Add pandanus-leaf water. Pour into the dried tray (about 3/4 of the tray.)
4. Leave to cool
1. Mix coconut cream, salt, and rice flour together.
2. Add 8 cups of the prepared jelly mixture (in step 1 for making jelly). Add 10 pandanus leaves. Bring to boil.
3. Pour the topping onto the jelly in the tray. Leave to cool for about 2 hours, then cut into pieces.
Makes: 2 trays (12 x 12 inches.)