Jaow Taan Chuem (Palmyra Palm in Syrup)

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Jaow Taan Chuem (Palmyra Palm in Syrup)

Jaow Taan Chuem (Palmyra Palm) is a kind of preserved dessert from palmyra palm and castor sugar. Simmer sugar over lower heat and add palmyra palm. Continuously simmer until syrup is thick and glossy. It is served in all occasions. Jaow Taan Chuem is also used over Khaw Niew Moon which is called Khaw Niew Look Taan (glutinous rice with palm's seed topping)

50 palm's seeds
8 measuring cups castor sugar
4 measuring cups fresh water banana leaves

1. Wash palm's seed with pieces of banana leaves thoroughly. Wipe the outer.
2. Boil in boiling water and soak in cold water. Drain.
3. Mix sugar and water. Stir over medium heat until sugar dissolves. Add palm's seed and continuously boil in cooked syrup for 20 minutes. Add the rest of sugar. Simmer until syrup resembles thin cream.