Pad Thai History

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What’s Pad Thai?
Pad Thai is fired Thai noodle if you ever come to Thailand; I believe you have a chance to try it sure!!

Why named Pad Thai?
Did you ever wonder why Pad Thai. It can be Pad Chinese or Pad India? No. cannot because Pad Thai belongs to Thai.

When Pad Thai birth?
You may think it birth in ancient times some think since 5th reign…some think since Ayutthaya….

But Pad Thai just was born in General P. Piboonsongkram government whose slogan is “Believe leader, Thai safe” that means Pad Thai belong to Thai about 50 years.

General P. Piboonsongkram government dominated in period 2482-2489 and he changed Thai come to nationalism and civilization such as
-Changed Siam to Thailand
-Don’t eat betel nut
-Wear a hat when go out
-Separated male and female by named if male has the name like female should change their name to true man like Som Chay. So this period Som Chay is the hottest name for male.
-Changed Thai Language by cut some word which not necessary because some alphabet it pronounce the same but different character so he cut it out. Many books have to edit and changed to be correct in his language but when it’s outdated of him everything changed as before.

Everything changed to nationalism so he did not forget to make foods of Thailand, Pad Thai.

Pad Thai is a new food and all the ingredients are Thai even pork which looks as a Chinese food no authority to put in Pad Thai dishes.