Red Chicken Curry with Bamboo Shoots

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Red Chicken Curry with Bamboo Shoots


Vegetable oil4tbsp.
Red curry paste,

(Kaeng phet paste)2heaped tbsp.
Coconut milk 2cups
Chicken thigh, skinned and sliced1lb.
Bamboo shoots, sliced or julienne 1cup.
Fish sauce3 - 4tbsp.
Sugar1tbsp. Or less
Thai basil leaves, (bai horapa)1/2cup
Kaffir lime leaves 2leaves
Red spur chili peppers, sliced1tbsp.
Green spur chili peppers, sliced1tbsp.
(4 servings)

1. Heat vegetable oil in a pot and add the red curry paste to fry in this oil whilst spreading the paste as much as possible. Lower the heat and fry the paste but do not burn it. Add a little of the coconut milk to make paste spreadable. Cook longer (two minutes) over low heat.
2. Add half of the coconut milk and bring to the boil, whilst scraping the bottom of the pot to prevent scorching. Add the chicken pieces and cook until chicken is done before adding the rest of the coconut milk and bring back to boil. Add the sliced bamboo and cook two minutes longer.
3. Season the curry with fish sauce and sugar. Before taking off the stove, add Thai basil leaves and kaffir lime leaves. Garnish with two kinds of fresh chili peppers.

As their curries are fairly spicy, Thais usually eat their meals with rice as the main starch, accompanied by various other dishes such as plain soup, stirfried vegetables and fried meats. All these dishes are eaten all at once.