Coconut Cake (KHANOM BA - BIN)

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Coconut Cake (KHANOM BA - BIN)

Grated coconut meat4cups
Palm sugar2cups
Pre-sifted glutinous rice flour1/4cup
Rice flour1/4cup
Coconut cream1 1/2cups
Vegetable oil2tbsp.
(6 servings)

1. Melt the palm sugar in a pot containing the creamy coconut milk. Boil this mixture until the sugar is melted, take off the stove and allow to cool.
2. Once the liquid is cool, add the grated coconut meat and both kinds of flour. Mix well.
3. Oil the inside of a baking pan with vegetable oil. Then pour the coconut mixture into this pan and spread evenly. Bake in an oven 350 F or 180 C for 30 minutes until the cake is cooked and browned on top.
4. Take cake out of the oven and let cool. Once cool, cut into squares and serve.

If you have trouble finding fresh coconut meat, desiccated coconut can be substituted. It is available in all grocery stores in the baking section. This dessert is very popular with young children.