Minced Pork Omelet

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Minced Pork Omelet (KHAI CHIAO MU SAP)

Eggs, beaten3whole
Spring onion chopped1tbsp.
Shallots, peeled and sliced thin2tbsp.
Pork, ground 3oz.
Fish sauce1tbsp.
White pepper, ground1tsp.
Vegetable oil for cooking1/2cup
(1 serving)

1. In a mixing bowl, beat together 3 whole eggs.
2. Add spring onions, shallots, fish sauce and ground white pepper.
3. Beat this mixture well and add ground pork and beat the mixture again to evenly distribute the pork in the egg.
4. Set a frying pan or wok on the stove ; add vegetable oil and heat the oil up until almost smoking.
5. Pour the egg mixture into the hot pan and tilt the pan to spread the mixture evenly over the bottom of the pan. Reduce heat to medium and fry the egg until golden brown, then turn to cook the other side. The fat from the pork will seep out from the omelet to give the egg a golden brown color and a wonderful smell. Cook this omelet longer than normal to allow the pork to cook through. Serve piping hot with Thai chilisauce (sri-racha).

This Thai omelet is another staple in the Thai diet. Sometimes eaten with steamed rice and chili sauce, as a quick lunch or snack or as an accompanying main dish together with curries or dips.