Phat Thai

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Phat Thai


Vegetable oil1/3cup
Garlic, chopped1tbsp.
Pressed beancurd, sliced into small pieces1/4cup
Prawns, fresh and peeled 6oz
Chanburi rice linguini, soaked in water and drained 2 cups (packed)
Fish sauce1 - 2tbsp.
Coconut sugar 1 - 2tsp.
Unsalted, toasted peanuts, chopped 2tbsp.
Thai chili flakes (prik pon)1tsp.
White vinegar or tamarind pulp juice 1 - 2tbsp.
Bean sprouts, roots picked1cup

Omelet julienne1
Fresh red spur chili peppers, julienne 1tbsp.
Spring onion, julienne1tbsp.
Fresh lime wedges2
(2 servings)

1. For best results, this dish should be cooked in a wok, Prepare all your ingredients in advance and have them ready beside you. Heat up the oil in a wok until almost smoking.
2. Add the chopped garlic and pressed beancurd to the wok. Stirfry until cooked but not browned; add the prawns and stir quickly.
3. Prawns cook very fast so do not over cook them. Once the prawns are slightly white add the flat thin rice noodle from Chanburi province. This noodle has to be soaked in water to make it pliable but not soggy, and drained before use.
4. While stirfrying the noodles, season this dish with fish sauce, coconut sugar, chili flakes and vinegar. The liquid from the prawns and seasoning sauces will make the noodle soft yet " al dente" . Add peanuts and toss to mix well.
5. Finally add the bean sprouts and quickly toss in the hot wok to warm them up but do not over cook them. Garnish the dish on top with a julienne thin omelet, red spur chili peppers and julienne spring onions with a few fresh bean sprouts and a lime wedge on the side.

This dish is very famous in Thailand and the world over. It's a great lunch item and our national pasta dish. Chanburi noodles are easily found in most Asian grocery stores, they come dry packed in a bundle wrapped in plastic. Ask your Thai or Asian grocer for phat thai noodles. Eating and seasoning tips: Westerners usually season their pasta dishes with salt, pepper and parmesan cheese but each phat thai dish is seasoned by the diner with fish sauce for saltiness, sugar for sweetness, lime juice for sourness, chili flakes for spiciness and peanuts for crunchiness.