Fish with Shitake Sauce ( Pa Tod Rad Sauce Had horm )

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Another way to eat friend fish, shitake mushrooms, especially dried ones, add a delicious flavour to the fish, the vinegar adds a little bite and the soy a little saltiness.

500 gms Fish Suitable for Frying
2 Tablespoons Flour
Oil For Frying
6-10 Shitake Mushroom ( soak overnight if dried )
1 Grated Ginger
3 Tablespoons Light Soy Sauce
1 Teaspoon Vinegar
1 Tablespoon Corn Flour
Shredded Chinese Cabbage (For the base)

1. Clean the fish, gut and scrape the scales off. Your fishmonger will usually do this for you.
2. Cut diagonal score marks over the fish, to increase the surface that touches the oil and make more crunch.
3. Dry it with a piece of kitchen paper, cover with the flour, then shallow fry until the fish has a crunchy skin and is cooked through.
4. Slice the mushrooms, add to a pan with soy sauce, vinegar, grated ginger and heat until boiling.
5. Mix the corn flour, with a few tablespoons of water, mix into the pan with the soy mixture and stir until it thickens.
6. Shred the raw cabbage, lay it in the base, put the fish on top and pour the source over the top.


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